When to Go For Engine Reconditioning

Whenever you decide to purchase a second hand vehicle, save some extra cash for possible engine works in near future. This is not a pessimistic approach but just a realistic one, its good to be a bit cautious while dealing with engines. Though you can inspect engine while buying the vehicle but knowing intricate details at the time of purchase is simply not possible. So, if engine turns out to be faulty or under performing, simply get it repaired or reconditioned.

Out of the two options its better to choose engine reconditioning as it can better bring your vehicle's engine in pristine condition, compared to simple repair. Getting engine fixed right after discovery of some issues is in your own best interest as same issues, if ignored, can aggravate and lead to colossal damage and even cause engine failure.

Before choosing any right solution it's fundamental to diagnose the problem, that's when you have to be proactive and look for small signs of engine wear and tear which can include, but are not limited to.

    Blue smoke can signal multiple problems; from clogged oil filter to soiled lubricants in engine and form worn out piston rings to leaking oil through torn seals.

    A rattling engine is a loud sign of completely worn out bearings, only their replacement can resolve this issue.

    An underpowered, sluggish engine can signal rough, tattered valves, clogged air filter and faulty fuel pump. Valves can be grinded or machined, whereas replacing air filter and fixing, or possibly replacing, fuel pump can resolve power issues.

    A periodically overheating engine signals possible blockage in radiator, broken pipe or malfunctioning water pump. Repairing or replacing these components, as soon as problem appears, is of immense importance as overheating can simply blow your radiator. In worse case scenario it can also cause vehicle's engine to blow up, in one go, so keep an eye on heating sensors.

As a final note, if you haven't got ample knowledge and skill then don't pick up wrench and screw to fix your engine by yourself. Leave it to pros; an engine reconditioning involves specific tasks like machining, shaft grinding, re-boring, valve grinding etc. Most of which require specialized heavy machinery along with proper skills and training to use that machinery on engine. So stay safe and don't put your and your loved one's life in jeopardy. Even if you manage to resolve the issue, chances are that it will reappear and might cause inconvenience while you and your family are on a trip.

Article Source: Louis Carey

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