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One of the ways you can ensure more horsepower output from your go kart engine and increase the torque is to fit an efficient air filter. In some competitions the size and make of air filters permitted, are specified and if these regulations and recommendations are contravened, the competitor may be disqualified. This is because the airfilter does impact on power output and may give one competitor an unfair advantage over the others.

Performance Gone To The Wind...

The AKA Airbox has been recommended for use as from January 2008 and has been compulsory as from April 2008. It had been noted that initially the rubber on some air filters was prone to splitting and after chemical analysis it was discovered that the type of pigment used reacted chemically with the material thus making it prone to splitting or cracking. 

This resulted in the tear strength being lower but now that this has been discovered, the problem appears to have been overcome and this should no longer present difficulty. All present air filters in stock operate efficiently and effectively and are widely used with confidence by all enthusiastic go karters in various competitions.

The benefits of a recognised and trusted air filter are obvious when fitted as they greatly assist the smooth and powerful operation of the engine. Change to an inferior product and you will immediately notice the decrease in power and acceleration response. We therefore recommend the Airbox AKA/KIAA filters. Having tested and used these for a number of years and having received positive feedback from satisfied users who expressed great delight at the noticeable increase in power and torque, we are proud to stock this range, with others and recommend them without hesitation.

If you are into racing and participate in competitions, then you are advised to fit the best air filters and airboxes as these will undoubtedly impact on the performance and response of your engine. There are filters that are specifically designed to cope with dust and dirt and those which are designed for mud and wet conditions. Again it is wise to have both available so that you can fit the one which is better suited to the prevailing conditions at the time of the race or competition.

These fit directly to your carburettor and are lightweight to improve performance and response. Some variants feature dual sponge filters with coarse and fine grades of foam to maintain quality performance and maximum power output. They are durable and hard-wearing and have evolved to become among the very best that money can buy. These are several ways of maximising performance on your go kart and your engine is still the heart of your kart but a good air filter cannot be overlooked, as, harnessed to a good engine, the operating efficiency of the engine is greatly enhanced by the right choice of filter. These air filters are easy to fit and are interchangeable as demanded by the conditions obtaining at the time of the competition. Look out for the name Airbox AKA/KIAA and of course, browse our site and check the other brands we stock, all because of their performance.

Article Source: Peter Kaestner

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