Opting Reconditioned Engines Over Used And New

Just a decade or two ago people simply purchased newer models of vehicles after every few years; now however things have changed drastically. Considering the ever increasing cost of living, taxes, education expenses etc people have inclined towards getting engine replacements instead of completely new vehicles. When we look at possible advantages of replacing your vehicle's engine with a new, used or recon module then you will see that replacement option is far better, than the former one, in many ways.

Cost advantage associated with used and recon engines is apparent but if you have to choose from the two, then recon is better option. Though more expensive than 2nd hand engines, they offer better warranties, reliability and consistent performance coupled with peace of mind. In most cases second hand engines are taken from totaled vehicles, which have met with some accident, though chances are that engines from these vehicles are still in working condition and can serve for another 2, 3 years. 

But the vagueness regarding their usage and service under previous ownerships affects their desirability fro the worse. If fitted in a vehicle, then their service and repair history can be tracked, otherwise it's close to impossible.

Reconditioned engines on the other hand are the closest alternative to crate engines, as they have many brand new components and remaining are repaired or replaced with ones in better condition. If properly maintained, reconditioned engines can outlast other components like suspension, axles etc, thus offering hassle free driving experience from engine's perspective. Auto repair garages offering engine reconditioning subject them to strict inspection and quality checks in order to ensure that they can perform satisfactorily, at least during warranty period. Reconditioned engines go through flattening and polishing (commonly known as machining) as a bare minimum work, coupled with enhancing oil seals. Apart from machining, replacing bearing sets and piston rings to maintain oil pressure and seals along with pressure testing cylinder heads to check for internal cracks, is a norm.

Even after opting for more expensive, recon engine option, you shouldn't simply put your foot to the floor as newer parts and seals need some miles under their belt before they actually settle in. Too much throttle and vibrations can easily crack newly fitted and newly lubricated components. So along with proper maintenance, driving habits of driver also play major role in prolonging life of newly fitted and refurbished engines.

Article Source: Oscar Leach

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  1. Is it possible to change a brand of engine to another? For example I have a Toyota engine then I will change it ti Honda, Is that possible?

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