Fuel System Parts For Go Karts - Use The Best!

What's the most important part of your kart - the engine, the carburettor, the air filter? Have you ever tried to run your kart without fuel or use the wrong fuel? If your engine is not receiving a smooth flow of fuel it doesn't matter how good or how powerful the engine is; it will not deliver the power; that is precisely why you should ensure that you have the very best fuel delivery system and this article will focus on that area. Examine all the other components of your engine but start here: have I the best fuel system parts available?

Fuel For Thought...

We will not only look at the external parts but the other important components such as the carburettor. All these parts work synergistically and if there is a weakness or a failure in any single part of the system your power will be diminished and your efficiency seriously compromised. 

We supply racing fuel line at $3.45 per metre and advise you to fit an inline fuel filter priced at just over $7. Have you fitted a tight-fit fuel tank cover so that there is no spillage of fuel when cornering and no unnecessary spillage at any time. Apart from the danger of escaping fuel, there is the added expense of waste. We recommend Kartech fuel tank covers with seals for leak-proof fitting. These parts may not rank high in your estimation but as stated previously, all parts work together to give the best possible overall results. I always urge karters to fit a fuel overflow bottle and an aluminium fuel cooler. These are relatively inexpensive accessories but a wise addition if you want optimal operation from your go kart engine.

If you have attended to all these extraneous parts then you should ensure that you have fitted an efficient carburettor so that fuel is transferred without hindrance or restriction to your engine and that you thereby get the best accelerator response. Always remember that power output and response is the end result of an accumulation of parts and processes; your engine is not a stand-alone unit, independent of all the contributing parts. If there is a failure in any of those parts the efficiency of your engine will be impacted. It's like having an excellent PC monitor with a blow-par server or hard disk; the overall performance of your computer will be greatly reduced.

As far as carburettors go, we stock and recommend Tillotson and Walbro brands, for their reliability and proven track records in ensuring maximum response and performance. The Comer - Tillotson HL166B is a state of the art carburettor and the Walbro WB3A is superbly engineered and is recommended for Yamaha and ARC engines. We have also a full range of individual parts for carburettors; inlet needles, throttle shafts, high jets, diaphragm cover plates, etc. etc.

If you have any doubt about any part of your entire fuel system and you think that you are not getting the power output or acceleration response that you are expecting, than get a competent mechanic to check the system out and replace any inefficient parts.

Article Source: Peter Kaestner


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  2. I am fascinated with go karts though i haven't tried them myself. I just see them on tv and some go kart racing competitions. I think they are actually fun and challenging and i honestly do not know how they work. Good thing i came across this post and how they actually work was discussed. Now i know how these things work.