A Hail Damaged Windshield Can Lead to a Dangerous Situation

You wouldn't feed your family something dangerous, so why would you drive around with a broken or hail damaged windshield or trust your windshield replacement to just anyone? If you or someone you know needs a windshield or auto glass replacement, it's time you learned why accuracy is so important when it comes to auto glass and your most valued positions (your family).

Accurate is an adjective meaning "correct in all details; exact" - find out why you deserve an accurate job with every windshield installation! You wouldn't be satisfied knowing that the person who built your automobile did a 'good enough' job, so you should demand the same quality product, workmanship, and guarantee from your windshield and the company that installs it.

Did you know that the windshield is part of the structure of your vehicle? It's not just something pretty to look through. 

It's one thing to drive around with a hail dented vehicle - that's just aesthetics, but when it comes to your windshield, it needs to be strong to keep your family safe, the breaks caused by the hail could be much more serious than you think - especially if you get in an accident. The windshield protects the driver and passengers from bugs, birds, rain, snow, etc...and most windshields have an Ultra Violet (UV) protective coating to protect us from the sun. Windshields are part of a vehicles overall protection system (like an air bag or seat belt) and they are installed using a special urethane (the sticky stuff between your windshield and the vehicle). Another little known fact is that the windshield not only serves to keep people IN the vehicle (as well as your seat belt), but the windshield also supports the roof of the vehicle. Without the windshield, in a rollover crash, the roof could collapse and crush the occupants of the vehicle.

Your windshield is just as important as the other safety features in your vehicle (seat belts, car seats, mirrors, and air bags). Don't trust your safety or the safety of your family to anyone other than a trained and certified professional and a company that offers a guarantee or a proven track record for their products and workmanship. 70% of the windshields replaced have been replaced incorrectly - get it done the right way, it's not a do it yourself kind of job. You don't trust your life or the lives of your family to just anyone, and if your windshield is installed incorrectly, or if it is damaged in any way, you are putting yourself and your loved ones at risk.

Article Source: Benjamin Buehler

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