Protecting Your Trailer

If you have a trailer then this is a large and expensive piece of equipment that many people would give their right arm for. Not only do camper trailers look great but they also give you the ability to go on great holidays and adventures without worrying about where you'll stop to eat or about where you'll sleep. It's a fantastic way to be completely free and to be able to journey wherever the mood takes you and it's highly desirable as a result.

As such you owe it to yourself and to your undoubtedly jealous neighbours to look after your trailer and your camper trailer parts. Here we will look at a few tips you can use in order to maintain your trailer wheels, trailer brakes and generally the whole machine.

First of all, you should try to make sure that you have good off road parking for your camper trailer, and preferably this will be under shelter. 

If you can't do this you will find your trailer is susceptible to violent weather - such as the cold which can damage your battery and such as hail which can dent your roofing. Further it will be vulnerable to theft and vandalism and it is generally unsafe if left out like this. If you have a trailer - invest in a garage.

Next you should ensure that you are careful when driving your trailer and that you take every precaution to avoid damaging it. For instance you must make sure to drive slowly where possible and stick to the slow lanes on the motorway. This is also out of courtesy to other drivers. Furthermore, make sure that your camper trailer wheels are always full of air. As it's not a car in the traditional sense it can be easy to forget to do this, but make sure that you check it each time you pull over or you can damage the trailer and the suspension.

You should also aim to avoid driving on bumpy gravel surfaces where possible. This can otherwise again cause damage to many different campervan parts - not only because the wheels and the suspension will once again be subjected to more punishment, but also because it will cause stones and pebbles to get thrown up from the road, which can then lodge themselves between the trailer brakes and the wheel, or which can chip and damage the trailer itself - or the windshield which can easily be damaged otherwise.

You also need to look after a trailer in the way you might a home. The above examples have all explained how you need to look after your trailer as you would a car, but bear in mind you also need to look after the inside of your trailer to avoid it becoming moldy or rusty etc. It's important to consider the importance of things like washing up, wiping surfaces that are damp, and making sure things like your ovens are turned off to avoid a trailer fire or another problem.

Article Source: Rusty M Theron

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